"I really am sorry, Vi."

"I really am sorry, Vi."


"Ow," Rick cringed. "That really hurt, Vi."

"Shut up and let me enjoy punching you in peace."

"Just, just go make-up or make-out with your boyfriend already and leave me out of it."

"I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m only interested in you, Vi, you know that-“

"You are such an idiot.”

"I am not!"

"You are too. And you’re a jerk. He actually likes you, and you keep wasting your time bothering me.



If Gavin can’t convince him, then I’ll just have to get Rick to see the light myself, Violet told herself. Because we are friends and it will make him happy and this is getting really old.

I knew someone like him… I hurt his feelings.
Well, someone certainly should. Rick could use a little time on the “bruised feelings” side of the equation.

"Cut. It. Out! Try to kiss me one more time, Contrary, just one more time and I will kick your butt so hard that you’ll end up wearing it as a hat."

"You just looked like you need some cheering up-"


John, stop perving on the teen. (I will never have a teen/adult romance hack. Too much squick.)
There are a couple of reasons I have them in my game (like YA/teen romances, which seem nicer than auto-break-ups) but I don’t really let teens and adults date in my game either. (I am frequently interested in knowing who might eventually make a good couple, though.)
But if Violet wants to pursue John, she has to wait until after she transitions.
He just doesn’t get it. Vi needs to ask him to leave of use that pool stick.
The one Rick really needs to worry about is Gavin. Because as besotted as he is, he has a much worse temper than Violet does (she’s actually very chill when she isn’t competing over anything) and eventually it might get the better of him.
If Gavin actually saw Rick trying to make-out with Vi, there would be no pool cues left in the house.
That is not how you comfort friends when they lose at pool, Rick.

That is not how you comfort friends when they lose at pool, Rick.

Violet Jocque has a lot of admirable qualities, but she is a really sore loser.

Oh my! That makes me happy :)
Yeah, Vi knows what she likes. I think they might have three-bolt potential, actually.
Violet’s still not a robot, but she is the only human person in town I can see John being a serious relationship with. In a few years.
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